Christmas Pudding Truffles

Perfect wee treat for Christmas.

Toasted Gingerbread with Damson Plum Terrine

Perfect way to use any leftover cream or mascarpone.

Damson Florentines

Something a little different.  Enjoy 

Damson Plum Rocky Road

Our sweet and sour terrine with the chocolate and marshmallows - a great treat.

Chocolate and Damson Plum Muffins

A great recipe to share with the kids during school holidays.   

Damson Blood Cupcakes

Perfect for a spooky Halloween

Damson Toffee Apples

Perfect for Halloween or a Birthday party.

Damson Plum Jam and Vanilla Palmiers

Just what you need for afternoon tea.  I had fun making these. 

Damson Bakewell Tarts

Easy recipe, I make these a lot.  Everyone just loves them.

A Damson Plum Jam Scone

A little different from traditional scones and lovely to share with a crowd. 

Damson Plum Jam and Butter Cream Sponge

My sister in law made this and couldn't believe how easy it was - great for afternoon tea.

Damson Plum Chocolate Log

A little fiddly to prepare if you aren't use to baking, but well worth the effort.