Whole Poached Plums

By Jo Kinley
  • 400gms brown sugar
  • 500 ml water
  • 2 star anise
  • 8 rich dark plums
  • 2 tsps of Damson Plum Liqueur


Place water and sugar in a medium size saucepan. Heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. Add star anise and bring the syrup to a boil. Add plums and place a single layer of parchment paper directly on top of the fruit. Bring syrup back to the boil.Reduce heat to a simmer and cook plums for 5-8 minutes or until tender but not soft. The plums will lose their shape if they are overcooked. The cooking time for the plums will depend on the variety of the plum and the ripeness of the fruit.

Using a slotted spoon remove Poached Plums from the syrup and set aside to cool. Leave remaining juices on the heat for a further 5 minutes to reduce slightly. Remove from the heat and add Damson Plum Liqueur.

Set aside to cool. Serve fruit and syrup at room temperature together or separately.