5 Healthy Food Trends Taking the World by Storm in 2020

Food trends in 2020 will be all about local produce, alternative meat/dairy/flour, mocktails and small-batch artisan brands. As the world continues to fight climate change, the pressure is building on society to curb co2 immersions and mitigate pollution. Alternative meats/dairy/flour use less water and do not require the exploitation of animals, which is of moral concern to younger generations.
  1.  Alternative Milk – Yes, you read that correct! Alternative milk, the products that have been long relegated to the bottom shelf of the supermarket are making a play for the 450 billion global dairy industry. Almond, oat, soy, hemp, rice, coconut & flax are the mainstays for vegans at the moment, but it’s only a matter of time before they’re making milk from everything! If you’re a coffee lover (latte / flat white especially), then you’re gonna want to order oat milk, its creamy texture makes it a perfect dairy alternative for your morning, or whenever, coffee.
  2.   Fruit & Vegetable Flours – Again, yes, you read that correct! Vegan flours, and even cricket flour (yes, the bugs), are set to make it big in 2020! Although cricket flour doesn’t sound amazing, in fact, it sounds disgusting, it is jam-packed with protein and loads of other goodies. More eatable sounding flours made from fruits and vegetables are already starting to catch in in more hipstery progressive parts of the world (cough, Los Angeles, cough). Flours made from bananas (high in fibre and potassium) and cauliflower (high in fibre/vitamin C, helps cleanse and detox the liver), are the most likely to be used at your local hipster café in 2020.
  3. Plant-Based Protein – Both wannabe meat and natural plant-based proteins are big business in 2020! Chia seeds, tofu, quinoa, hemp, lentils and nutritional yeast are some classic staples that are set for big things this decade. Competing with the more traditional plant-based proteins are new-comers like Beyond Meats and Impossible Foods, who specialize in meat taste-a-likes, also known as faux meat. Whether you’re into fake meat or lentils, 2020 is the year for you!!
  4. Local Produce & Small Batch Artisan Brands – In 2020, being a big conglomerate with limited transparency is about as bad as being a Wallabies supporter… maybe not… but it’s still really bad! People want to know where their food came from, who made it, where they grew up, how tall they are, and many more personal questions. Brands who don’t completely open their doors to consumers are targets for boycotts, misinformation and generally not being as cool as other more open brands. Local is in, international is out! Unless you can make it look local, even when it’s not. If you’re interested in learning about us, feel free to have a snoop around our website, Instagram, Facebook, or call/email us, we love talking to you all!
  5. Mocktails & Fruit Liqueur – Yes, I know, you probably think we just put this in because we sell a gorgeous Damson Plum liqueur…. that is part of it… but, fruit liqueur gained traction all throughout 2019, and it looks set to continue into 2020, it’s one of the reasons we love ours so much!! Mocktails are your favourite cocktails, without the alcohol. So basically, they’re cars without wheels…. Joking, again… We like to think of it as, cars without the crashes… or, all the good stuff, with none of the ‘bad stuff’. 


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