Panzanella Salad

By Margie Chambers


Sourdough bread
2 Tomatoes
1 Cucumber
1 Red Onion
2 Spring Onions
1 Green Capsicum
1 Carrots
1 Glove of garlic
Basil or Parsley
Damson Plum Vinaigrette


Cut up some sourdough bread (at least one day old) into 2cm chunks so that you have about two cups. Place in a large bowl and sprinkle lightly with water. The bread should be just moistened, not soggy.

Cut up into small chunks about one cup each of fresh tomatoes and cucumber (seeds removed), and about quarter of a cup each of red onion or spring onions, green or yellow capsicum, carrots or any other vegetables you have on hand.

Add a clove of garlic, crushed, and a handful of torn fresh basil or parsley leaves.

Pour over about 1/3 cup of Damson Plum Vinaigrette and a tablespoon or two of the best extra virgin olive oil you have. 

Season with freshly ground salt and black pepper, mix gently, then leave at room temperature for 20 - 30 minutes for the flavours to develop.

You can add chunks of cooked meat, cheese or tinned tuna.