Riso/Rice Salad

By Jo Kinley


Long grain rice or Riso
Damson Plum Vinaigrette
1 Capsicum (Red or Green)
1 Red Chilli
2 Spring Onions
8 Cherry Tomatoes
Snow Peas (a handful)
Baby Spinach Leaves (a handful)
A small bunch Parsley
A small bunch Coriander
Zest of a lemon
Roasted Almonds (a small handful)
Hot Smoked Salmon or Chicken


Cook some long-grain or riso pasta, until just tender. 

Drain well and allow to cool a little.  Spray generously with Damson Plum Vinaigrette and season with freshly ground rock salt and black pepper.

Put aside to cool completely, at room temperature.

Chop a selection of the following fresh vegetables and herbs: yellow, red or green capsicums, red chillis, red onion or spring onions, cherry tomatoes, blanched green beans or snow peas, sprouts, baby spinach leaves, parsley and coriander. Add a little fresh lemon zest and chopped roasted almonds. 

Then add some hot-smoked salmon (or smoked chicken) torn into bite sized pieces and toss everything gently to combine. Leave to marinade in the refrigerator for an hour or so. Check the seasoning just before you serve, adding more dressing, salt or pepper to taste. 

Serve with chunks of turkish pide or warm bread, and extra salad leaves. Or, serve with a simply grilled lamb or beef steak.