Quick Quotes

We have compiled a list of quotes from previous articles on The Damson Collection, please feel free to use as you wish. Don't forget to reference :)



Damson plums: "Their tartness and spiciness are ideal for making preserves… Its tannic skin imparts a gorgeous magenta color and rich, spicy flavor, while its abundant pectin confers a lusciously thick and smooth consistency." 


Liqueur: "Describing this deliciously decadent drink made from Damson Plums is difficult. Damson’s are exotic and rare and have such unique and seductive sensory appeal, it’s hard to settle on just a sentence or two. Strikingly piquant, ultra-floral and seductively perfumed, this luxurious liqueur is fabulously fleshy and brimming with spice-saturated, plum and berry sweetness and laced with cassis and peppercorn characters. Plus it’s perfect with gooey blue cheese."


Paste: “A rich powerful punch of sweet and sour, this award-winning product is a great accompaniment to aged cheddars, blue and creamy soft cheeses.” 


Collection: “This has to be one of the best range of condiments I have tasted. The acid and sugar is perfectly balanced."

Collection: "The whole range tastes similar but varies in consistency and texture. Sharp and tangy but with enough sweetness to round it off."

Paste: "Damson paste with a good strong cheese would be all you need to serve guests after dinner..."

Jam: "...the jam is outstanding."

Coulis: "...the coulis would be heavenly in almost any dessert."

Liqueur: "...the liqueur, oh the liqueur! It is marvellous and would be right at home in a cheeky champagne cocktail."

Vinaigrette: "The vinaigrette is clever as well as tasty. It comes in a fine spray bottle... a lot of people keep it in their work desk drawer and spray it on their salads just before eating. It gets rid of the annoying problem of drowned salad greens." 

Chocolates: "The chocolates are also a treat... they burst in your mouth with a strong sweet hit of Damson liqueur and finish with a chocolate aftertaste.”


Paste: “This luscious paste is solid enough to use on a cheeseboard and goes particularly well with blue cheese and aged cheddar, the strong flavours standing up to each other well. It can be simply had on toast, stirred through a jus to go with game meats or into the pan drippings of a roast of lamb. Or try it as a condiment with ham or turkey.”

Jam: “…A perfect balance between acidity and sugar, so rarely achieved in other jams.” 


Terrine: “...great with coffee or on a cheeseboard.”


Damson Plum: “If there was a prize for the most versatile plum variety, the ‘Damson’ would win hands down.”

Damson Plum: “…These small purple plums are rich in flavor.”