Key People

Fiona – The Owner, The Innovator, The Visionary – Constantly dreaming up new product ideas and beautiful ways to showcase them, I’m in my happy place in the test kitchen playing with new creations.  You might also find me and my camera creating stunning imagery to help the world see how gorgeous the Damson is.  I rarely sit still for long, but you may occasionally find me engrossed in a good book surrounded by my doting entourage of rescued four legged friends.

Rogan – Marketing, Logistics, Warehouse Manager, labourer, Son & Heir – Entering the next growth phase of the Damson Collection coincided nicely with the completion of my university studies.  Born in the digital age, I love all things marketing, as well as improving the systems, processes, logistics and business basics of the company. My goal is to ensure all Damson lovers can easily find and enjoy our products.  I’m our resident charity marathon runner and have completed several marathons to raise money for spinal research after two friends became paraplegic after snowboarding and mountain biking accidents. After work I head to the local Golf Driving Range or hit the gym (usually it feels like the gym hits me). 

Behind the scene team 

Tom – Orchardist & Damson knowledge bank – after planting those first suckers in the 1990’s, Tom is still growing our Damsons and remains a trusted knowledge source on all things Damson related.

Anne – Head Cook – Lovingly makes our delicious jams, relishes and antipasto delights

Mel - Sauce Specialist - Lovingly makes our delicious ketchup and coulis

Irmengard, Michael & Tobi – Master Distillers - Entrusted with the production of our Damson Liqueur and soon to be Dam Fine Gin.

Kelly - Sales - Kelly calls our stockists to check they have everything they need, and also calls new potential stockist to see if they might like to stock our range

Damson friends – share the love whenever their skillsets are required, help pick the annual harvest, as well as taste testing and sampling whenever new products require a discerning palette.

Otis, Angel, Ernie & (Maca)Ronnie – security duties, stress relief, life balance management.