The Damson Orchard

The Damson orchard is a small family-owned orchard that sits on the Heretaunga Plains in Hawke's Bay.

(Maori: Te Matau-a-Māui)

39° 6' 32.3496'' S176° 44' 29.8968'' E 

Hawke's Bay is a region of New Zealand on the east coast of the North Island. The region's name derives from Hawke Bay, which was named by Captain James Cook in honour of Admiral Edward Hawke. 

Hawke's Bay is widely known as one of the countries greatest growing areas, with five major rivers nourishing its fertile soil: Wairoa River, Mohaka River, Tutaekuri River, Ngaruroro River, and Tukituki River.

The Heretaunga Plains, a 300 square kilometre alluvial plain at the southern end of Hawke's Bay were formed over 250,000 years from sediment deposited by the Tutaekuri, Ngaruroro and Tukituki Rivers and from marine deposits. The plain consists of layers of gravel, sand and silt which add to its fertility.

The warm and dry climate, fertile soil and water for irrigation, make the Heretaunga Plains one of New Zealand's greatest horticulture and agriculture growing regions. Half of New Zealand's production of fruit, vegetables and grapes is on the Heretaunga Plains. They are named after a carved wharenui (meeting house) at Whatonga.