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The Damson Collection

Damson Liqueur Addict

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Why have one bottle, when you can have six?

This Damson Plum Gin Liqueur is our prized possession. Made for us by master distillers and blended with a citrus-based gin this versatile and delicious liqueur can be enjoyed neat, over ice, with champagne or mixed with your favourite cocktails. We will be sharing some of our favourites with you in the next few days.

Volume: 375ml

*Also available for foodservice - quantities made to order.

Alcohol: 15% ABV

Serving suggestions:

  • Neat - enjoyed on its own, straight from the bottle
  • Over ice - enjoyed with ice and nothing else
  • Mixed - mixed with other non-alcoholic drinks (cream, juice etc) 

The Damson Collection:

We are a jam, antipasto, and liqueur business based in Hawke's Bay, Aotearoa New Zealand. We have been in the bay over a decade, selling our premium products to small high-end cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, and at local farmers markets.  


We grow our plums with a sustainable approach to fruit growing, and this philosophy extends into the kitchen, where we only use quality ingredients. All of our products are preservative-free, and made with love and care, by artisan cooks. 

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Nicola B.
Can’t go wrong. Everything is

Can’t go wrong. Everything is just so yummy!