Liqueur Soaked Cookie


Nana’s Damson Liqueur soaked Choc Chip Cookie recipe.

Most people know that my Mum wasn’t the most enthusiastic cook or baker. This was mostly because she had a rather indulged life of being wined and dined at the best restaurants around Auckland with my Dad and his business colleagues through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

She did however have a few ripper recipes that she managed to whip up with little thought that were always well received at the odd “at home” dinner party. This is one of them – well this is the mini version of it.

Please don’t laugh at the simplicity – but believe me, you really can’t beat the taste!

- A packet of choc chip cookies (I used fancy shop bought ones but Mum used Griffins because this is all we had in those days).
- A bottle of Damson Liqueur
- Anything you’d like to dress the dessert with …. Mum would semi-melt vanilla ice cream over the biscuits and then re-freeze till needed.

1. Pour some liqueur into a bowl that is sized large enough to get a soaked biscuit in and out of easily.
2. Pick your serving dish and start by placing the first biscuit into the liqueur – allow to soak so that it absorbs liqueur but not so that it disintegrates.
3. Either stack the biscuits on top of each other for individual desserts or gently line them up on their sides to make a log of sorts – they will stick together.
4. Put in the freezer.
5. Once dessert is frozen you can decorate however you like.
6. On this single stack of three biscuits I’ve popped a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream and yes I did eat that for lunch!

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